Prospective Portfolio Companies

Dev Equity is making individual investments in Latin America from around 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 USD in companies owned and operated by experienced professionals who have a track record of success.  Our preference is to take active minority ownership positions in portfolio companies, through strong governance rights and financial controls, and focusing on realistic exits.

Dev Equity’s approach is to work directly with portfolio companies in Latin America to achieve financial returns and a positive social and environmental impact. We also seek to invest in private companies motivated to move towards international best practices of socially responsible business management.

We are looking to invest in companies owned and managed by outstanding entrepreneurs that:

i. make a positive social and environmental impact through products and services that contribute to poverty alleviation, equitable economic growth, human development, and environmental sustainability;

ii. uphold socially responsible business practices in areas such as workers’ health and safety, gender equality, anti-corruption, and environmental sustainability; and

iii. collaborate with other businesses and organizations to promote social and environmental impact.